Bridging Finance


DBR provides open-ended bridging finance, to assist in the following situations:

•    you’ve found the house of dreams but Bank Managers are saying no
•    you have plenty of equity but the bank doesn’t recognise it
•    when you’re self employed and can’t prove your income
•    you have good equity, but don’t wish to disclose your income(s)
•    purchasing a new home before your current one sells
•    purchasing a business, boat or vehicle when your bank won’t assist
•    re-financing a mortgage or other debt you’re under pressure to repay
•    buying out a partner or spouse in a relationship split
•    funding a sub-division
•    funding a construction project
•    adding a capital injection into your business
•    the bank is threatening to mortgagee sell your home and you need more time
•    renovating your property before selling
•    consolidating outside debts
•    selling in an orderly manner

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