Debt Consolidation

Perhaps you have credit card bills, multiple hire purchases or store charge card bills all with different lenders, on top of your mortgage.  It can be easy to get into this situation, and sometimes, not so easy to get out. We understand that coming up againgst interest rates and numerous monthly payments can make things difficult, unless you manage these accounts very carefully.

Banks often won’t consolidate numerous outside debts, so it can be worthwhile refinancing your mortgage and consolidating all your outside debts into one. DBR can handle this for you, so that you end up with just one lender, and one payment to worry about.  Then once you have only one loan and a good repayment history with DBR, you can refinance back to the bank.

So if you have equity in your property, we may be able to assist.  We may be able to arrange a debt consolidation loan for a short-term, then get your mortgage broker to get you back to the bank at prime rates. Contact us today to discuss your options.