Our Services

In a "snapshot" what we offer:

> Bridging Finance > Commercial loans > Credit impaired
> First mortgage finance > Self-employed > Non-residents
> No doc mortgages > Subdivisions > New Build Finance
> Development finance > Bank rescues  
> Construction finance > Lifestyle blocks/Bare land  

We’re a non-bank, first mortgage, low doc, bridging finance, development and construction lender, here to provide customers with an asset-lend or security lend product.

As short-term lenders (6-12 months), we help meet specific finance needs that can’t be provided by traditional banks.  So in a nutshell, we can assist you with a fast and hassle-free non-bank loan, helping to get you from one place to another.

We focus on the property and the planned exit, inspecting all property we lend on, and meeting all our borrowers.
Our maximum loan to value ratio is 70% (sometimes 75%) but each individual transaction is assessed on its own merits. Sometimes the location dictates that DBR’s preferred loan to value ratio, might be less than 70%. If you’re unsure about just where your situation stands, give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk it through.
DBR lends in most regions throughout the country, though we’re generally focused on the larger metropolitan areas. As a side-note, we do tend to steer away from properties, which have a limited market i.e. specialised assets.

Bridging Finance

DBR provides open-ended bridging finance, to assist in the following situations:

•    you’ve found the house of your dreams but Bank Managers are saying no
•    you have plenty of equity but the bank doesn’t recognise it
•    you’re self employed and can’t prove your income
•    you have good equity, but don’t wish to disclose your income(s)
•    purchasing a new home before your current one sells
•    purchasing a business, boat or vehicle when your bank won’t assist
•    re-financing a mortgage or other debt you’re under pressure to repay
•    buying out a partner or spouse in a relationship split
•    funding a sub-division
•    funding a construction project
•    adding a capital injection into your business
•    the bank is threatening to mortgagee sell your home and you need more time
•    renovating your property before selling
•    consolidating outside debts
•    selling in an orderly manner

Want to see some examples? Click here for Case Studies.

Construction Finance/New Build Finance

DBR can provide construction finance for spec houses, a new home, subdivision finance and multi unit projects. In the past we’ve funded the construction of apartment buildings, subdivisions, luxury homes, modest homes, retirement villages, commercial buildings, owner/occupied homes and spec houses.

When it comes to construction finance, the process needs to be as easy as possible and at DBR, we understand this. We’ll be able to help work out which drawdown process works best for your situation (this will depend on things like how much equity you have in the project, and whether you’re building the house yourself or using a contractor).

See our Case Studies for examples of our past transactions.

Bad Credit Home Loans

Bad credit can lead to the bank saying “no”. But don’t worry; DBR may be able to assist. We understand that bad credit can often be the result of things that are out of your control - like a business failure, a business partner failing to carry their weight, redundancy, unemployment, marriage separation, or an illness or accident.

The DBR team have helped hundreds of people get the loan they need to allow them the time to sort out their credit report. They have then been able to return to the bank or sell down some of their assets, in order to reduce their overall debt.

So talk to us about a solution to give you time to clear up the bad credit or sell your property.

No Doc and Low doc loans

DBR offers ‘no financials’ loans - also known as no doc or low doc lending. Another option is a non-conforming loan. These are loans where you don’t have to prove your income to DBR, to get approved.
These loans work very well with developers, self-employed individuals and small business owners. Banks often insist on at least two years of financial accounts prepared by an Accountant. The Bank can then average the two years, making things hard - as it’s not uncommon for a business to run at a loss in its first year.

Depending on the equity in your property DBR can provide a no-nonsense solution that gives you time to increase your profitability or prepare your financial accounts to go back to mainstream.

Debt Consolidation

Perhaps you have credit card bills, multiple hire purchases or store charge card bills all with different lenders, on top of your mortgage.  It can be easy to get into this situation, and sometimes, not so easy to get out. We understand that coming up against interest rates and numerous monthly payments can make things difficult, unless you manage these accounts very carefully.

Banks often won’t consolidate numerous outside debts, so it can be worthwhile refinancing your mortgage and consolidating all your outside debts into one. DBR can handle this for you, so that you end up with just one lender, and one payment to worry about.  Then once you have only one loan and a good repayment history with DBR, you can refinance back to the bank.

So if you have equity in your property, we may be able to assist. Consolidate with DBR for a short-term, then get your mortgage broker to get you back to the bank at prime rates. Contact us today to discuss your options.

Development Finance/Land Subdivisions

DBR can also provide development finance for someone who wants to subdivide their section in two, or maybe cut up a large site into numerous sections. A number of borrowers are currently finding it difficult to secure development finance from traditional bank sources. DBR provides development finance for both residential and commercial land.

We pride ourselves on our ability to understand your position, and the best way to structure your development loan.

In the past we’ve funded the development of many small and large subdivisions.  So we’re used to dealing with surveyors and civil contractors and understand the difficult consent process developers endure.

As an added benefit, we also know many professionals within the development industry – and we’d be happy to put you in touch with them, to help your project get off the ground.

See some of the development projects we’ve helped reached completion, here.