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About Us

DBR is a local, privately owned non-bank lender providing fast and fair short-term property finance solutions across a wide range of residential and commercial properties. Since our inception in 2008, we’ve provided over 1,500 as of 2024 property finance solutions that have given clients the time to consolidate and move their projects forward.

Our team have years of experience in the property finance industry, and our reputation in the market is that we’re upfront, transparent and easy to deal with. Our experience ensures that every solution is tailored specifically to our clients’ individual situations to guarantee the best outcome is achieved, and we are really proud of our zero bad debts. This represents our responsible lending practices and the professional approach our team takes to understand our clients requirements.

We are short term property financiers who provide time – time to bridge a residential or commercial investment purchase or time to obtain code of compliance or separate titles. With more time and less pressure, better outcomes are achieved.

We keep our rates competitive, our loans are simple and easy to understand and you won’t find any hidden catches in our terms. When you deal with us you can be assured that we’ll treat you fairly, our service is fast and you will receive a solution that works for you.

Our Solutions

Bridging Finance
A fast and accessible bridging finance solution from DBR will give you time to consolidate and reposition for refinance with a bank at a later date.
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Commercial property finance
Our solutions will give you quick access to funds with easy-to-access drawdowns.
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Construction Loans
DBR can help you with residential or commercial development and subdivision nearing completion.
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