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Debt consolidation

Our solutions mean you will only deal with one lender and one repayment

It can be difficult to get on top of debt if you’ve accumulated additional bills with high interest rates and numerous payments on top of your mortgage. It can help to refinance your mortgage and consolidate all your outside debts into one. Banks often won’t consolidate outside debts. Our solutions mean you will only deal with one lender and one repayment, which gives you time to improve your situation and then refinance back to the bank.

* Our solutions are assessed on a case-by-case basis. Learn more about our terms & conditions and loan-to-value ratios here.

* DBR only lends to incorporated companies, trusts or formalised commercial structures.

Other Solutions

Bridging Finance
A fast and accessible bridging finance solution from DBR will give you time to consolidate and reposition for refinance with a bank at a later date.
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Commercial property finance
Our solutions will give you quick access to funds with easy-to-access drawdowns.
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Construction Loans
DBR can help you with residential or commercial residential development or subdivision.
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