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Frequently asked questions

Do you lend to everyday consumers purchasing property?

We don’t lend to anyone other than incorporated companies, trusts or formalised commercial structures.

Do you have a maximum loan-to-value ratio (LVR)?

Our maximum LVR is generally 70%, but each request is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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Do you lend against properties right throughout New Zealand?

Whilst we focus our lending in the Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Wellington and Queenstown locations, we may consider other locations if the LVR warrants.

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Do you have a minimum or maximum amount you will lend?

Our loan amount generally ranges from $500,000–$4,000,000.

What are your interest rates?

Our interest rates are normally 7.88% 13.88% pa.

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How much does your service cost?

Our fee is normally 2% but can increase for small and/or complicated loans.

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I am working with a mortgage advisor. Will they get paid?

We pay Registered Advisors up to 1% – this is separate to DBR’s fee.

We pay Advisor commission up to 1% – this is separate to DBR’s fee.

You will be required to pay a portion of DBR’s fee upfront as a deposit to secure the lending. The deposit will be refunded to you on settlement of the loan. DBR’s fee is capitalised and paid when the loan is repaid in full. Interest can also be capitalised to the loan or held by your lawyer and repaid at the end of the loan term

What documents do I need to apply for a loan with DBR?
  • A completed application form submitted online or via your mortgage advisor
  • A copy of the sale and purchase contract (if purchasing a property)
  • A copy of current mortgage balances and/or short-term debt balances to be consolidated
  • Three months’ transactional bank statements
  • Any further relevant documents you feel will help in our assessment
How long will the process take once I have signed a letter of offer?

Settlement will take 3–4 working days. If a valuation is required, settlement will likely take 1–2 weeks. If your situation is urgent, we’ll do our best to fast track the process. We have been known to settle in 24 hours.

Can I view a copy of DBR’s loan agreement? 

Yes, you can view our loan agreement

View our loan agreement