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Working with a non-bank lender

When a main bank is unable to lend funds, or when client circumstances aren’t favourable, a non-bank lender like DBR can provide a short-term property finance solution. This provides time to consolidate, move a project forward and complete it. This can allow time to finance back to the bank, or obtain sales at market value.

With many non-bank lenders in the market, it’s important to understand that there can be some risk associated with non-bank lending. As a borrower, it’s important to ask some specific questions to understand who you’re dealing with so that you can make the best decision:

  • How many mortgagee sales has the company completed? – This will gauge their lending standards and the likelihood of the lender forcing a sale.
  • Who are the owners? Are they identified on their website? Are they reputable and do they have proven history?
  • How is the lender funded?
  • Are they lending their own money? – If so, they’re more likely to provide a solution they know will be beneficial for both parties.
  • Do they have testimonials from others they’ve helped?

Knowing this information is paramount when seeking a solid lending solution.

“We recently had a client situation of extreme urgency where we needed to settle within 24 hours of receiving the finance. DBR pulled out all stops to make this happen resulting in us getting this across the line with 5 minutes to go. If this hadn't eventuated our client was on the hook for a large amount of additional costs. Thanks guys!”
KRIS PEDERSEN Mortgage Broker

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